Corry Council Hears Airport Complaints

The Corry Airport, a million dollar loan and the purchase of a used plow and generator were among the topics covered at Corry City Council Monday. First, several citizens, former Mayor Charlie Campbell and former Pubic Safety Director Steve Bressler, started the meeting off at public hearing complaining about how the city was handling the new airport authority. Campbell claimed the current plan was illegal, would bankrupt the city and would be rejected by federal officials. It was also noted that the new airport authority had no legal representation to protect its interests regarding the Airport Service Agreement. Later in the meeting, Corry Council tabled the Airport Service Agreement to allow attorneys time to answer questions and new concerns.
Council did vote on a resolution to reclassify more than $83,000 dollars worth of airport debt to an appropriation for the City of Corry. The payment of current bills for the airport was also approved. The airport attorneys fee was $2,464 dollars. Airport operations $426.57 for Verizon, Byte Shop and Penelec.
Council also voted to approve a million dollar loan from Erie County to cover planning costs for sewer plant improvements.
Council approved the purchase of a used plow and generator for a total cost of $23,000.