Kelly Requests $154,000 for Union City Borough

Congressman Mike Kelly plans to provide nearly $19 million worth of Community Funding with Union City borough earmarked to get $154,000. Kelly received 37 applications from across the 16th Congressional District. All of the projects will be included in the upcoming budget process by the House Appropriations Committee. A final list of projects is expected to be announced later this year. The following have been included in the plan according to a press release issued by Kelly’s office:

Project: Union City Borough & Police Department City Building Improvement – Phase 2
Recipient: Borough of Union City
Address of Recipient: 13 South Main Street, Union City, PA 16438
Amount: $154,000
Benefits/Justification of Taxpayer Funds: The Borough is in need of larger publicly accessible meeting spaces for both the Police Department and the Borough. At present, the Borough maintains a small conference room that can seat up to eight people. This project will provide much needed rehabilitation of the 137 year-old city building

Project: Erie Police Department Technology Improvements
Recipient: City of Erie
Address of Recipient: 626 State Street, Room 500, Erie, PA 16501
Amount: $984,400
Benefits/Justification of Taxpayer Funds: The City of Erie has experienced a substantial increase in crime in recent years. The Erie Police Department has been investing in new equipment and technologies over the last few years and moving forward to combat this crime. These new capabilities can result in less damage or injury for the public, faster justice for victims, and improved measurable outcomes and results that can be applied to future scenarios for further savings and improved resolution of incidents.

Project: Erie Regional SWAT Command Vehicle
Recipient: City of Erie
Address of Recipient: 626 State Street, Erie, PA 16501
Amount: $500,000
Benefits/Justification of Taxpayer Funds: Due to a lack of funds, Erie SWAT Team’s only equipment transport vehicle is an old ambulance that was renovated and has been used for years based on necessity. These brave men and women are skilled responders trained for high-risk scenarios, but the existing vehicle substantially limits their operations. The new SWAT vehicle will provide the Erie SWAT Team with the necessary resources such as modern features, power functions, and integrated countertops, to do their job properly and safely.

Project: Erie Wastewater Treatment Plant Chlorination Disinfection Reliability
Recipient: City of Erie
Address of Recipient: 68 Port Access Road, Erie, PA 16501
Amount: $1,476,150
Benefits/Justification of Taxpayer Funds: The Erie Wastewater Treatment Plant is a regional wastewater treatment facility serving about 200,000 residents in Erie County and typically processes 30 to 40 million gallons per day from the city and suburban sewer system. The existing system has aged to the point where replacement parts are no longer readily available. The new system will be more energy efficient and use modern, less-labor intensive technologies. Additionally, the new system will not require the expensive ongoing costs that have been with the old system that required many repairs and maintenance.

Project: Hershey Road Water Booster Station Infrastructure Improvements
Recipient: Summit Township Water Authority
Address of Recipient: 1230 Townhall Road West, Suite 200, Erie, PA 16509
Amount: $250,000
Benefits/Justification of Taxpayer Funds: The current pumps have exceeded their useful life. The Authority has been utilizing a machinist to create replacement parts, as the needed parts are obsolete. This project would fund a vital component of Summit Township Water Authority’s distribution system by replacing the aged infrastructure. The Booster Pump station project promotes efficient management of water resources and protects the health and safety of the surrounding citizens.

Project: Hayfield Central Hose Company Upgrade and Refurbishment
Recipient: Hayfield Central Hose Company
Address of Recipient: 15417 State Highway 198, Meadville, PA 16335
Amount: $250,000
Benefits/Justification of Taxpayer Funds: The department provides emergency medical and fire services not only to Hayfield Township and the surrounding communities of Cussewago and Summerhill Townships, but they also respond to emergency calls on a 12-mile section of Interstate 79 between Meadville and Edinboro. The fire department relies entirely on donations and fundraising, which has worked to maintain the deteriorating station. This project would significantly upgrade the truck room, main hall, meeting room, and offices with which these brave men and women work.