Solution Proposed for Corry’s Per Capita Tax Problems

Corry’s Per Capita Tax has been causing controversy. Facebook posts have indicated residents are getting letters from the city vendor hired to collect the tax, Berkheimer Tax Innovations, demanding payment plus penalties. According to the City of Corry web site there was a printing error and some tax payers received two identical tax bills in separate envelopes but it is not known if there was an error that caused some tax payers not to receive a tax bill. The City, School District and Berkheimer have agreed to waive penalty and fees through the date of May 15, 2023. A letter is being mailed to each tax payer that received a delinquent notice. Tax payers only need to pay the tax face amount of $15.00, include a copy of the letter to ensure the fees are waived and mail to Berkheimer.

The tax is $15.00 per year per adult which the city and the Corry School district share. Tax collectors have advised the city and school district that the tax is too hard to collect and have recommended the tax be eliminated. The School Board is reluctant to give up the money and does not want to raise the mileage on property owners to make up the difference if the tax was eliminated.