Union City Seal Coat Project Error

Union City Borough Council on Tuesday debated an additional expenditure of $5,706.96 for the upcoming seal coat street project.  Council had previously voted at its April 25 meeting to award the contract to Suit-Kote Corporation in the amount of $29,367.50.  Borough Manager Cindy Wells explained that a portion of Wattsburg St. requires Asphalt Seal Coat MC70 which is priced higher than the materials for the rest of the streets.  Due to a clerical error by the firm that managed the bidding process, Mark J. Corey & Associates, the contract did not reflect the correct material and price for that part of the job. The bidding process was done in conjunction with several other municipalities in the area in order to get better pricing based on higher volume. Wells said the borough’s total price for the job would end up being much higher if council backed out of the deal or tried to do the project without the cooperation of the other municipalities. After some discussion Council voted to approve the additional expense.