Cliff Crosby to Visit Prison

Former NFL player and motivational speaker Cliff Crosby will return to his
hometown of Erie, PA to speak to the incarcerated youth at the Erie County Prison on
Thursday May 25.
“Being incarcerated can be a great thing or a terrible thing. With every good/bad decision
there is still a lesson to be learned. I want to let them know that they can still pursue their
educational goals, learn a trade or become certified in other skills. All is not lost, even
though right now it appears to be that way,” said Cliff Crosby.
Crosby plans to speak to 50 individuals between the ages of 15 and 20. The talks will
include things such as decision-making, mental health, conflict resolution among other
topics. Crosby’s goal is to have the conversation to be engaging, and hear the stories from
their perspective.
“The actions of some of Erie County’s incarcerated youth have started their lives down the
wrong path, but it’s not too late to make a serious lifestyle change. It is my hope that Mr.
Crosby and his experience will send a message and inspire change in lives of some of
these young people,” said Erie County Executive Brenton Davis.