Write – In Votes to Be Counted Friday for Corry Council

As a result of Tuesday’s primary election William Buzz Hammond and John Maloney will be moving ahead to the general election for the Republicans in the contest for Corry City Council. Erie County Director of Elections Tonia Fernandez told UC Today both candidates received more than the 144 write in votes from Republican voters with 159 and 202 votes respectively. There was no candidate on the ballot for Democrats however there could be one on the November ballot if one of the write-in candidates receives at least 100 of the 150 unresolved Democratic write-in votes. To win in the primary election write-in candidates need at least the same number of votes as the number of ballot petition signatures required which is 100 for Corry City Council, Fernandez said. The write-in votes are expected to be adjudicated starting Friday and results will be known in about a week.