Corry Council Votes on Golf Carts

Corry Council met Thursday at a special meeting and voted unanimously to lease 40 new golf carts for the North Hills Golf Course. The terms of the deal include 36 payments of $6,686.43 totaling more than $240,000. Council expects cart rentals will make the investment profitable.
The Airport came up again at the Planning Session. Apparently the City and the Airport Authority are not on the same page. The  Authority could lose more than $300,000 in grant funds if various agreements on airport issues such as property transfers and service contracts are not approved soon. But Mayor Michael Baker wants to wait and settle all issues with all parties at a meeting with the city’s airport attorney several days after the next council voting session scheduled for May 15th. Baker was adamant on his position creating a bit of heat at the meeting. Councilman Bill Roche requested a vote on pending airport issues on May 15th.