Corry Council Votes on Per Capita Tax

Corry City Council met Monday night for a regular session where votes were taken. Council voted to eliminate the per capita tax from residents saying it was unfair and a burden on city employees to collect. However, the tax may not go away. The Corry School District is reluctant to give up per capita tax money or raise property taxes to make up the difference.
A second resolution for the city to borrow $500 Thousand Dollars from the Erie County Redevelopment Authority for road paving was approved.
A bill list was approved to pay more than $1,800 dollars worth of airport operation bills this month  including $1,050 for attorney fees.
Since January, the city has paid more than $15,000 worth of airport bills including $12,452 for attorney fees. Corry Council expects to get the money back when the airport starts to make money.
Tina Freeman was appointed to the Airport Authority.
Also, Council deferred a citizen petition demanding a crosswalk on North Center Street to the State officials for action.
Councilman Andrew Sproveri announced that he would run as a write-in candidate for city council.