Corry Council Discusses CDBG’s

Corry City Council conducted a public hearing Thursday to discuss Community Development Block Grants. The CDBG’s total  $300,000 dollars. 70% of the money is for projects that benefit low to moderate income needs.
Sewer separation, improving Main Street, reducing neighborhood blight and school sidewalk safety improvements were among suggestions at the hearing. Following the hearing, council listened to a pitch from the Erie County Redevelopment Authority’s Chris Groner, to reactivate the Corry Enterprise Zone.
Council also listened to the pros and cons regarding the city’s per capita tax. Council would like to get rid of the tax, but the school district is reluctant to give it up.
Complaints concerning trash totes also came up. Council, in general, believes information to customers could have been better but that residents will get use to it when the pick-up becomes routine.