Corry Council Discusses Cameras and Airport

Security cameras, septic disposal rates and the airport were among topics covered at a Corry City Council Planning Session Thursday. The cameras would cost about six thousand dollars for the City Building.  A security system for the Building would boost the cost for the proposed improvements. Council also talked about a ten percent increase in rates for companies that discharge septic waste at the city sewer plant. Also, the Airport Plan appears headed for a landing with the city handing the facility over to a new airport authority.
Council also went over a budget proposal for the new year that includes $50,0000 for the airport.
The meeting closed with a public hearing where a person on zoom questioned why the council would spend thousands of dollars on an airport used by a few people, but nickel and dime other city assets including Mead Park and the Community and Senior Centers. Mayor Baker responded by saying the city does not own Mead Park.
Another planning session will take place next Thursday.