Lady Bears Fall To Talented Pickers Team

Written By Cody Rose.

The Lady Bears played host to the North East Grape Pickers on Thursday night. The Lady Bears would fight valiantly playing well against a talented Pickers team but would ultimately fall 3 sets to 0 dropping to 6-5 (3-2) on the season.

Set 1: 20-25

Set 2: 20-25

Set 3: 8-25

Game stats:

Union City:

Lucy Higley: 5 kills 5 digs

Michayla Magee: 14 assist 6 digs 

Cathryn Reynolds: 6 kills 4 digs

Lilly Vincent: 10 digs 

North East:

Grace Sandilippo: 32 assist

Candence Jones: 21 kills

Aleksandra Tupper: 5 digs

Briell Kings: 9 digs

Kayla Forsythe: 10 kills